Different Types of Suspension Lift Kits

Many drivers purchase a high powered vehicle, such as an SUV or truck for their off road potential only to discover the vehicle has difficulties in passing over steep gradients or rough terrain. When a driver discovers this, one of the major options they can take is whether to install a suspension leaf kit, which can dramatically raise the height of their vehicle. For others, the look of a customized truck or SUV raised high off the ground is something they wish to recreate with their own vehicle, making a suspension left kit an important piece of equipment they must buy.

Suspension Lift Kits

A suspension lift kit can take a number of different incarnations, the most simple of which is the use of simple block spacers placed between the leaf springs and axles. There are a number of problems with this approach, firstly the ability to brake may be compromised with the spacers moving when under heavy braking. Block spacers can also cause problems with attaching the leaf springs with extra long shock absorbers often needed to correct the bumpy ride spacers can create.

For those driving a vehicle using coil springs the use of coil spring kits designed for their vehicle is often an inexpensive and simple to install choice. The lift created by a coil spring kit is usually around two to three inches higher than the factory installed coil springs create. Because of this small amount of lift, which is still noticeable, replacement shock absorbers are usually not needed to keep the cost affordable for almost everybody.

The most common form of suspension lift kit is the leaf spring kit, which commonly adds an extra leaf into the leaf spring pack already installed. Using a leaf spring kit the desired height can be created to the exact customized level of the vehicle owner. Adding a leaf often requires a little more work than other options, with the suspension often affected to create a rough ride that can be smoothed out with a few simple adjustments.

Here are some great vendors for lift kits

1. SDTruckSprings.com

2. AllSportsLiftKits.com

3. Truxxx.com

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