Getting a driver’s license: what you need to know

 There are many different reasons why you would want to get a driver’s license. For some people, it is a rite of passage that we go through when we reach a certain age because we are expected to start driving ourselves around at some point. For others, their driver’s license is a key element in their profession, and without it, they could not do their job. There are also people who enjoy driving vehicles that are not included in a regular driver’s license class. The first thing you need to determine before you start your adventure towards driving is what type of license you need.

What types of licenses are available?

  • Commercial (Class A, B, and C)

    • These licenses are for people over the age of 21. Depending on what you would need to be driving, you can also get endorsements for things like hazardous materials so that you can transport those. All of these commercial licenses are meant for people who intend to be driving vehicles that are larger than your average vehicle size. Some examples are tour buses, semi-trucks, and food transport trucks.

  • Motorcycle

    • Allows you to drive a motorcycle after going through training and taking an exam.

  • Learner’s Permit

    • Learner’s permits give the driver a chance to drive a vehicle as long as there is a licensed driver who is 21 years of age in the front seat of the car. In some states, the age for the licensed driver required may be something different than 21, so check with your local DMV to determine the age restriction. After having your learner’s permit for a certain amount of time, you can apply for a driver’s license. This step can also be bypassed if you decide to take a driver’s education course.

  • Regular Class D

    • These are given to citizens who are 18 or older that complete and pass the driving exam. You are not allowed to drive a vehicle over a certain weight limit with this driver’s license. If you are wanting to drive a bigger vehicle, you would need to refer back to the Commercial licenses. However, you can drive a vehicle within the allowed weight limit with a trailer attached to the back as long as it does not exceed certain weight restrictions. You can also drive things like moving vans, etc.


What should I do to prepare?

  • Look through the study guide provided by the local DMV

    • Sadly, there used to be paper copies of the study guide provided free of charge for the driver’s test. This is no longer the case. While some states carry hard copies of the study guide, most places are going to online study guides. This does require you to have internet access. This is definitely a good starting point for you when preparing to get your license, because it contains all of the information that will be included on your particular test.

  • Use websites online

    • There are great places like that give information on practice tests, particular restrictions, and even discuss different test questions and why their answer is what it is! These are great resources that are updated often!

  • Check out information provided by local resources

    • Sometimes you can find study information from places like your local library or even local high schools (if you are a student).

  • Take a preparation course

    • If you have the money, you can take a driver’s education course that will prepare you for the test. It will give you time to study the manual in depth with other prospective drivers and will also give you a chance behind the wheel with your instructor. If you are trying to get a CDL or Motorcycle license, classes are highly recommended.

Getting a driver’s license is an important step if you are living somewhere where driving is one of the main forms of transportation. By researching the different types of licenses, types of questions, and information you need to know online at, you will be more prepared than everyone else in the room when you take your test, and you will pass with flying colors!

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