Obtaining a vehicle history report – Which is the best for you?

Are you in the market for buying a used car? If answered yes, you must first get a Vehicle History Report and also get the vehicle inspected by a trustworthy and reliable mechanic on a lift. Experts say that one shouldn’t buy a used car without making the aforementioned checks and without getting the desired results. It is only when you make an informed decision on a used car purchase that you can save your hundreds of dollars. With the recent flooding that was reported in Texas, car dealers and used car sellers are sure that there will too many salvaged cars hitting the used car market. Hence you should always be on your toes and know what you should look for when it comes to buying used vehicles.

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Several years ago, buyers had to judge a car by inspecting its mechanical condition by perusing the owner’s file of service records. Thanks to the enhanced record collection and the extreme power of the internet that a VIN or a Vehicle Identification Number can tell you whether or not a particular car has a checkered past. Companies describe VIN as the DNA of a car.

Reasons behind demanding a Vehicle History Report

If you’re wondering why you should get the history of a used car before buying it and how you could get it, you may check on that site and go through a few reasons listed below.

  • It’s a sort of a window to the past history of the car.
  • As per the US government, half a million cars are sold with fraudulent readings of odometer in a year, thereby costing the used car buyers a billion of dollars. Their research also indicates that there are many more which go unreported.
  • According to reports from the Office of Odometer Fraud Investigations, there has been a sharp increase in odometer fraud. Used car prices along with a gross supply of low-mileage used cars have made odometer fraud more profitable.
  • There are often natural disasters which damage over a million cars. Majority of such cars are then gradually cleaned, rebuilt and again put back to the market.

What will you get in a Vehicle History Report?

When you ask for a used car history report, it contains records including data from state DMV, auto manufacturers, auctions, car dealers, repair shops and police reported accidents. Here are some facts that may be revealed through such reports.

  • Total number of previous owners to whom it was sold before
  • Accident data which includes deployment of airbag
  • Loss including flood, salvage titles, rebuilt wreck
  • Odometer rollback fraud
  • Make, year, model, location and engine and installed equipments
  • Valuable auto auction data
  • Checks whether or not the car has been turned under the “Lemon Law”

Hence, if you wish to purchase a used car, know more on VIN check online and take into account the essential information mentioned above. Weigh your decision so that you don’t end up at a loss.

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