The Abu Dhabi F1 Race

Abu Dhabi F1 race is just around the corner, and if you are like thousands of other race fans you want to be a part of these exciting events. Now you can stop wishing and get moving thanks to the awesome Abu Dhabi Grand Prix racing packages that are available. With these packages you can get everything that you need to attend the race at a price far less than what you would expect to pay. Your package includes hotel accommodation, transportation, race tickets, tickets to after party events, drink packages and so much more. They are truly the race fan’s ultimate thrill.

abu dhabi grand prix hospitality

Booking the Abu Dhabi F1 race packages will help you save money. If you try to book each of the items alone you would find it to cost you double and sometimes more. Imagine the things that you can do with all of this money that you have left over. Abu Dhabi has lots of other things that you can see and do, including a plethora of fun restaurants for all tastes and fun shopping. Spend your saved money participating in one of these events.

When you book the package deal it is also easy. All that you need is a computer and you have all that you need to make a booking. You will have several different packages that you can choose from, each offering a stay in a great five-star hotel and all of the other fun accommodations that you want.   One booking and you’re done, so there is no need to spend hours and hours trying to make sure that you have everything in order.

The Abu Dhabi races 2014 are sure to be just as exciting as all of the prior year races and one of the things that you will most enjoy about the day is the night race. This night race will be held under the floodlights and marks only the third time in the history of the races this will happen. If you’ve never experienced a nighttime F1 race before this is certainly something that you have to look forward to.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix race is a fun Tim for the fan and for the drivers. Those who qualify advance to the next series of races until the finish. The winner is hailed as one of the best drivers in the world. Make sure that you re a part of this with an awesome Abu Dhabi F1 package.

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