The Secrets to Lowering the Cost of Prestige Car Maintenance

Thanks to advances in technology, modern cars are typically better built, more reliable and generally don’t cost anything near the price to maintain as their older predecessors did, however, that shouldn’t distract you from the fact that cars still need to be maintained on a regular basis in order to increase their longevity (and decrease overall repair costs).


Now, I know what you’re thinking here; prestige cars cost more to maintain than cars built for the cheaper end of the market. But as someone that has owned all sorts of different cars over the years, I can tell you that unless you are driving around in a supercar such as a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, prestige car maintenance costs aren’t too dissimilar from something like say a Vauxhall Astra, believe it or not!

At this point, you are probably thinking that I am talking a lot of nonsense, but trust me, it is actually possible to lower the cost of prestige car maintenance and not have to spend a small fortune every time you want to service your car, for example! Here are some practical ways to help you with your mission to achieve low car maintenance costs for your high-ticket car.

You don’t need to be loyal to the same dealership

Contrary to popular belief, franchised car dealerships don’t charge the same prices for servicing, repairs and parts. To prove this point to myself recently, I phoned up about 5 different main dealers in my local region and was shocked to discover how much prices varied!

The thing about car dealerships is that if they don’t get much business, they will often undercut their competitors in order to bring new customers in. Phoning around to see how much dealers charge can often save you tens or even hundreds in parts, servicing and repair costs, and yet your car will still be serviced by technicians that are specifically trained to work on models such as the one you own.

Consider doing some DIY work

If you are handy with a spanner and know your oil filter from your fuel pump, then you might want to consider working on the car yourself to save a bunch of cash!

Simple jobs such as oil and filter changes are easier on cars such as the BMW 5 Series engines, because the oil filter is in an easily-removable canister located at the top of the engine, rather than in a tin located in some hard-to-reach part of the engine bay!

YouTube is a great source of helpful how-to guides for servicing and maintaining almost any car, and there are also owner’s clubs that you can join in order to gain knowledge and help on any aspect of your car’s maintenance.

Shop around for parts

Your main dealer shouldn’t be the only source of parts for your prestigious pride and joy! A simple Google search will reveal a number of sources for the parts that you require, and websites such as 247Spares can help you to locate any hard-to-find parts with little effort from your part.

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